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 Harmless Medicine

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Anime/Game : Bakemonogatari; Sengoku Basara ; K-On; Bakuman/ Minecraft ; LOL;
J-Artist : One OK Rock; Ling Tosite Sigure ; Thee Michelle Gun Elephant; Grapevine; People in the Box ; The Novembers
Data de inscrição : 12/05/2008

MensagemAssunto: Harmless Medicine   Sex Set 26, 2008 5:38 pm

Harmless Medicine de Justin Chin

Marked by maturity and poetic vision, Harmless Medicine is fiercely devoted to the margins of queer life in the generation after the first wave of the AIDS epidemic. In more than 40 pieces, Chin fearlessly delivers everything from his first exposure to science ("Magnified") to a mail order fantasy experience ("I Buy Sea Monkeys"); from backroads travel in Asia ("Little Everest in Your Palm") to the plight of immigrants in America ("The Men's Restroom at the INS Building"). Chin's brutal honesty and sharp humor frame a profound and original collection.


The Sky's Rythm Melts Time Away
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Harmless Medicine
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